The Public Facilities Authority (PFA) recently announced that it will accept applications for the Point Source Implementation Grant (PSIG) Program from July 1 through July 31. The PSIG program provides 80 percent matching grants of up to $7 million to local units of government who are constructing wastewater or drinking water projects that are required to do any of the following:

  • Meet wasteload reductions under a total maximum daily load plan;
  • Reduce phosphorus discharge under 1 milligram per liter;
  • Meet effluent limits in a wastewater permit that require more than secondary treatment; or
  • Meet a total nitrogen limit that requires discharging 10 milligrams per liter or less

To be eligible, the project must be ready for construction by summer 2019. To receive a grant, a project must be on the MPCA or the Minnesota Department of Health project priority list for 2019. More information on the PSIG program can be found at the PFA website.