The Minnesota Environmental Science and Economic Review Board (MESERB) is a municipal joint powers organization dedicated to the research, study and analysis of water quality issues important to Minnesota communities.

Draft Lake Pepin TMDL Report potentially impacts several MESERB members

by MESERB Communications • August 7, 2019

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has released the draft Lake Pepin TMDL Report for informal public comment, which is focused on reducing phosphorus levels that reach Lake Pepin. Many MESERB members may have Lake Pepin-based phosphorus limits in your [...] Read more

Public Notice: TMDL and WRAPS Reports

by MESERB Communications • July 23, 2019

A number of draft TMDL and WRAPS reports have been listed for public comments in recent days. The following draft reports have been issued for the listed watersheds, followed by the MESERB member cities we believe may be impacted by [...] Read more

Conversations to focus on local successes, challenges related to drinking water protection

by MESERB Communications • July 11, 2019

City officials are invited to participate in upcoming conversations about drinking water protection. The conversations are being convened by Environmental Initiative, a nonprofit that helps develop partnerships and collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental issues, through funding from the Minnesota [...] Read more