MPCA Smart Salting Property Management Training
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 8, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Registration required HERE

It is possible to reduce salt use while still maintaining a high level of safety and service! This training offers ways to take a broader look at your winter maintenance strategies to discover untapped areas for improvement. Learn about the true costs of salt use on infrastructure, more sustainable and efficient maintenance practices, the permanent environmental impacts of chloride pollution, liability issues, and chloride reduction assistance resources. Also access tools and strategies that may assist and empower staff, customer and building users, to use properties safely and responsibility.

The Property Management certification training is intended for a different audience than maintenance staff or hired contractors who perform winter maintenance activities. It is intended to inform and guide higher-level audiences.

Who should attend?

  • Management-level property managers
  • Business owners
  • MS4 permit staff
  • Environmental professionals and advocates
  • Public works directors and local government decision-makers

This training will also cover the new chloride reduction related requirements in the recently reissued Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit, which includes:

  • Requiring training for those performing winter maintenance activities for the permittee – One option to meet this training requirement is to attend a MPCA Smart Salting for Roads OR Parking Lots & Sidewalks class
  • Creating and implementing a written snow and ice management policy
  • Requiring proper deicing salt storage practices
  • Outreach and education on the environmental impacts of chloride
  • Permittees with an applicable waste load allocation (WLA) for chloride, must conduct an annual winter maintenance operations assessment to help find salt reduction actions on its managed surfaces. Actively completing the assessments in the Smart Salting Assessment tool (SSAt), accompanied by the optional Level 2 certification training class, is one way to satisfy this requirement.

Visit the MPCA Water permit holders and chloride webpage for a detailed summary of all chloride permit related requirements.