Municipal facilities with a design flow rate equal to or greater than 1 million gallons per day, those that serve 10,000 people or more, and other facilities required to report (also known as “Class I sludge management facilities”) need to submit an annual biosolids report to the MPCA by Dec. 31, 2020, and an annual report to the Environmental Protection Agency by Feb. 19, 2021. Both of these reports are based on the cropping year. Please note that even if you didn’t land apply during the 2020 cropping year, a biosolids annual report still needs to be submitted.

Note: The federal reports are required only for municipal facilities, not industrial facilities.

For questions with the federal report, contact the EPA’s help desk or 1-877-227-8965. Additional information regarding the federal report can be found at EPA Biosolids Annual Program Report.

State reports must be submitted electronically by email. For the cover letter, use the Water Quality Submittals Form. Email both the cover letter and report to

Contact Sherry Bock of the MPCA at 218-316-3882 or Cole Huggins at 218-316-3928 with any questions.