From the Public Facilities Authority:

By February 1 each year the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) submits a report to the Minnesota Legislature on estimated funding needs under the Water Infrastructure Funding (WIF) and Point Source Implementation Grant (PSIG) programs for wastewater and drinking water projects. The WIF program provides supplemental grants for high-cost wastewater and drinking water projects based on affordability criteria. The PSIG program provides grants to help municipalities upgrade treatment facilities to reduce discharge of specific pollutants to meet more stringent permit requirements.

To be potentially eligible for these grant programs, projects must be listed on the Clean Water Project Priority List (prepared by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) or the Drinking Water Project Priority List (prepared by the Minnesota Department of Health). 

Under the PSIG program (Minnesota Statutes, Section 446A.073), municipalities that believe their projects are eligible for PSIG grants may submit applications to the PFA each year in July. The PFA’s 2021 funding needs report will reflect estimated PSIG grant needs based on applications received in July 2020.

Under the WIF program (Minnesota Statutes, section 446A.072) grant eligibility is calculated based on the average cost per household of the wastewater or drinking water system, including costs for operation and maintenance, existing debt service, and the new project.   

To ensure we have accurate information for the report, municipalities with projects on the 2021 Project Priority Lists that may have grant eligible projects are asked to submit a Water Infrastructure Project Worksheet. The worksheet is available as an Excel spreadsheet and if possible we would prefer that you fill it out and submit electronically. The spreadsheet has built in formulas to speed data entry, and electronic submittal will allow us to compile the information quickly and accurately.

The project worksheet is available to download from the PFA website at (homepage under Announcements). Instructions for filling out the worksheet are included. If you would like to receive the worksheet as an e-mail attachment or in an alternative format, please send an e-mail to A separate worksheet should be submitted for each project. If you have questions contact your PFA loan officer shown on the PFA website.

Please submit your project worksheet(s) electronically as an e-mail attachment to your PFA loan officer. The e-mail should be sent by an authorized municipal official, or, if the form is sent by someone else, please send a separate e-mail or letter from an authorized municipal official indicating that they approve the submittal of the project information.